Entertaining At Home: Spice Up Your Next Party With These Adult Party Games


When you were a kid, what did you think of the adults in your life? Did they seem like jolly and fun-loving individuals like your friends? Or were they more boring pantsuit wearing figures of authority who seemed to be only placed on earth in order to stop you and other kids from having fun by making you go to bed, do chores, and do homework? That’s a rhetorical question really; I’m 99% certain that whoever is reading this chose the second option.mum eating cake
Of course, as we mature and develop into proper, rational thinking individuals, also known as adults, we start becoming those authority figures ourselves. And although the kids in your life might not appreciate it yet, you know they will, in time. And what else don’t they know? Well, they don’t know that despite what they may perceive, you like to party too! In fact, after sending the kids (if any) to a sitter or your mom’s house, you frequently turn your abode into a cool venue for all your adult friends to come and party! You get the latest hip caterer in town, you take a trip down to the booze aisle in the supermarket to stock up (take that kids!) and now you’re ready for a party!

Or so you think; other than the fact that it’s in your house, is your party really any different from just heading out to a nice restaurant and bar with your friends? Sadly, that is the case with many adult parties they can become boring and turgid events and even when there are different social circles within the party, it can seem more like some sort of business networking event, with everyone pretending to listen intently as Bob the Tax Accountant drones on about his increased workload during tax season.

Luckily there’s a simple and effective solution to keep your party a party and the answer is party games! That’s right, party games are not only a great tool to break the ice (in my opinion, far more effective than any boring job talk and business card exchange) but it will also give your party that much needed party vibe. Here’s a list of awesome games for parties for you to whip out at the next adult party you’re hosting. But for now, let’s take a look at some party games ideas you can use for your next rendezvous.


React & Act

A great ice breaker, particularly if you have very outgoing, confident, and extroverted guests (people whose idea of great party back in college was a LAN party need not apply). Basically if you’ve ever watched the excellent improve show Whose Line Is It Anyway? then you would know how the game works. What you need is a container of some sort (if you have a hat that would definitely work best for maximum effect) and hand out sheets of pen and paper to all the players (or even non-playing guests as well!). They then have to write out some situations on the paper (e.g. running across a coyote on the street, having to choose which urinal to pee in, firing yourself with glee) and when they’re done fold the papers up and put them in the container. Now separate the players into two teams. The first team each grabs a slip from the container and then start acting out their respective events. They can even interact with each other, as long as they stay within the character of the event. The other team then tries to guess what each player is trying to be.


The Newlywed Game

newlywedsFirst off, you don’t actually need any newlyweds in order to play this game. In fact all you need for this game are your guests. Start by pairing them off into couples with one rule: no husband and wife couples. Pair it off in couples such as siblings, friends, cousins, colleagues etc. Then, each pair will jot down a list of questions which they will ask the other pairs e.g. what is more important, health or wealth? Would you rather be wealthy or tall and super handsome? One member of the couple then lists down the answer he or she thinks their partner would say. After everyone has done this, it’s time to compare notes and award points for matches. This can be a great relationship builder, but there’s potential for it to head into quick disaster as well. Proceed with caution. Due to the more intimate nature of this game, this one is best played in smaller parties where all the guests are already quite familiar with each other. For groups that are less than familiar, the popular Two Truths and a Lie is fantastic icebreaker.