Six High Tech Pillows For Transforming Your Bedroom


When you think of the word ‘pillow’ it’s highly unlikely that the word ‘high tech’ also comes into your mind. Maybe you associate pillows with the words ‘soft’ and ‘comfort’, but let’s face it, a pillow is a pillow right, whether you got a basic polyester one or the latest high tech third generation memory foam gel pillows. That’s what I used to think too, until I discovered the existence of some of the pillows we’ll be looking at in this article. Personally, the most ‘high-tech’ pillow I ever owned and still own is a pillow that looks like a horse-drawn buggy standing next to a Tesla Model S electric car when compared with the pillows below. In my defense, it’s super comfortable!

Let’s take a look at these 6 21st century pillows.

  1. The Moonflex Music Flexible Pillow – For many frequent travelers, a travel pillow plus a good pair of headphones is a must have. How else are you going to fall asleep? Unfortunately, many of these people also find headphones clunky and uncomfortable, and wearing them can make it difficult to enjoy a pleasant snooze. Enter the Moonflex Music Flexible Pillow. Despite its unwieldy name, this simply-designed travel pillow comes equipped with built-in speakers that you can connect to your phone or iPod. Now you can go to sleep and be assured you won’t wake up with feeling like your ears have been stapled to your temples.
  1. anti-snore-pillow-by-uk-care-directComputerized Snore Prevention Pillow – Most pillows that claim to reduce snoring simply do so via its design which ensures that the snorer’s airways remain free and open by preventing the tongue from rolling back into the throat. This pillow is excellent for back and side sleepers as it opens up the airway for easier breathing at night. For preventing snoring (and to a certain extent, neck pain), side sleepers should use this pillow. Well, that’s all well and good but this snore prevention pillow takes it to the next level. Developed by Daryoush Bazargani a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Rostock, Germany, this pillow connects to a tablet-sized computer than can be placed on the bedside table. This computer analyzes the user’s snoring patterns while inside the pillow itself, inflatable air compartments are accordingly inflated by the computer’s algorithm to constantly shift the snorer’s head position. Basically, it is a dynamically adjusting anti-snoring pillow. And, it also gives neck massages. Sci-fi movies never imagined this!
  1. Bluetooth Pillow Phone – A cotton velvet pillow that comes equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver. Using it is simple; as long as your cellphone is within range of the transceiver (about 30 feet or so), you can use the pillow as your own cellphone without even lifting your head up. Perfect for couples in a long distance relationship I reckon, or perhaps just the very lazy. While it is truly a unique experience using your pillow as a phone, I can imagine that the first angry call from your boss or an annoyingly persistent telemarketer may soon sour you to the whole experience. Comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  1. Wireless Throw Pillow Camera – Worried that your nanny has been doing a little pilfering as her side hustle? Or perhaps you are simply naturally paranoid, err I mean cautious, and you like to know what is going on in your home at all times, even when you aren’t there. Nothing wrong with that and that’s where this wireless throw pillow camera comes in handy. This spy camera pillow comes with a 12 hour battery life, rechargeable of course, and at 18 inches by 18 inches, can be placed innocuously on your couch as just another simple throw pillow. If someone’s got their grubby hands in your cookie jar, it’s time to find out who.
  1. The Century Sound Pillow – Are you one of those people who need soothing music to go to sleep? Or perhaps you want to listen to some Mozart or Bach during your slumber in the hopes it would increase your IQ? Well, the Century Sound Pillow was designed with that sleeper in mind, with built-in speakers and a four foot long cable so you can place your iPod on your bedside table.
  1. bright-light-pillowThe Pillow Light – Were you one of those kids who stayed up past your bedtime discreetly reading your favorite storybook under your covers with a flashlight? And didn’t your parents say it would hurt your eyes? Well, enter the Pillow Light. This pillow is made out of distorted sheets of glass, yet is as soft as pillow and won’t cut open your neck, promise. It has a built in light bulb which provides the lighting source while the material diffuses the light in a non-eye straining way. Best part is the light comes from the back of your head, so no worries about weird shadows blocking your reading such as when using your bedside lamp. A technological marvel for all those bed book readers.